Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just some random venting

Tomorrow is WI day, uhhg not looking forward to it as I was on monday. TOM decited to show up, guess that was why I was having incredible pain last week. I have been doing so well with my eating, lots of fruits, veggies and lean meat and fish. I have not eaten anything "non" healthy all week, aside from my cereal and the fiber one bars, all has been fresh and clean.

Trying to keep the stress levels down, has proven to be hard as I thought. But I am dedicated and more informed now. We have been riding bikes and taking longer walks in the evenings. It feels great and alot of fun taking the bubby, and I know she enjoys it too! I still have not been working out to my videos, I saw some real changes in my weight loss and body untill I got sick and stoped. Im scared to get back to it because I know it will be tough to get the hang of it again.
Im still puzzled as to why some people who are more out of shape and have more weight on them can do excersises and workouts/walking longer than me. I mean 12 minutes of the workouts kick my ass. I used to have a hard time walking more than 10 minutes, but now I am up to 27. Biking is another story as well 10 minutes is hard for me, my legs start tio hurt to bad as well as my hands ( i have carpel tunnel) and it gets very hard to push pettels after about 8 minutes of riding. Tonight I plan to start again with doing my stationary, and next week starting on monday I will get back into doing my Daily Dozen workout video. I heard it was supposed to rain next week, so I may also throw in some old school richard simons in the mix during the evening if walking is not possible.

We took a trip to Sports authority today, to browse around and get a cover for my bike seat ( it was left out in the sun all summer and it warped the outer cover and now its shredding and crubling) and a meter type thing to track speed and miles for biking. I was interested in getting a heart rate monitor but cant really afford one right now. Also I really enjoy doing things outdoors like, frisbie and OOO do I love badmitton. Problem is that I dont have any friends and my parents are too lazy and of Course SO doesnt like sports, dont get me wrong he loves to walk and bike ride, swimming isnt his thing but he will come in the pool with me during the summer. But it really does suck and hurt also that he wont give it a try with me. I just want to do more things outdoors and stay active. All the yard things are packed away so gardening isnt really an option ( also I have severe allergies and asthma). Tho walking and biking doesnt really make it flare up unless its really nasty and windy outside.

So again Im stuck with a dilema, in winter it was too cold to walk and bike, so I stuck to my workout dvd's and the staionary. Its been Wonderfull outside and I love biking and walking but it isnt enuff for me, I want to be more active and outdoorsy. But I would look like a fool if I was outside playing badmitton or frisbie with myself LOL. So here we have this great weather and He wants to stay inside sitting on the computer. Tho we have made plans for the movies tommorow night, which I might bag because of TOM and it really does cost too much and I dont want to be tempted by Junk food and popcorn!!

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  1. I love springtime for getting outside. There is nothing as great and motivating as sunshine!

    I joined your "followers" yesterday - but was to tired to post a hello.

    I'm excited to see your progress on here. Cheers