Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Got some great News today

If you have read some of my previous blogs where I mentioned I still live at home with my parents and that they were facing Foreclosure on our house. It has been really stressful and especailly for me, one because I feel like I failed them because I cant do anything to help them out because I have no means of my own, second because I was the one who had to look for rental houses, set up appointments and take care of all the Things that needed taken care of whilst my mom worked. Well I started looking in Janurary we saw a ton of houses but none of them were right, or in the right area we wanted to live in. Well we finally found one at the begging of the month and it has taken us this long to get into contact with the company and get things squared away, today they accepted our aplications for rental and we have the house we wanted. It is such a great load of my shoulders, because now I don't have to worry and stress that we will be living on the street or in a tent. I still have a little stress because we still have to pack and move , and I have to take care of alot of things I have never done, like transfering the phone and internet, the satalite and things. We sign our lease and get our keys on Friday then we move in. I may be away for a bit while we get things cituated, tho I believe my computer will be the last to go. I feel like I will be planning alot of things, like meals and snacks while were moving so were not tempted to get fast food or order Pizza. I also feel like moving a house with just 4 people in which 2 cant lift much I will be getting one hell of a workout. I will keep ya posted and all that good stuff... I ate good today we went to a resturant for lunch to celebrate,and I only ate .15 of my burrito I got(because I had a 6' subway sandwhich for lunch) and Im still ok with calories.

Breakfast was the usual fiber one cereal, ff milk and strawberries

Mini carrots for snack

Lucnh was subway sandwich 6'

dinner was 2oz chicken breast,1 cup california blend veggies,1/2 cup homemaid Mac salad and 1 slice of Double fiber bread.


  1. Im so happy for you--congrats on the house! Moving is so exciting, when I moved from Ohio to California, it was scary but I love new beginnings and that is exactly what you are getting!

    Good job on the calories :) And yes, you will be getting quite a workout, so take mucho pics!

  2. Oh, that's great news--a big relief!

    Good luck with moving!

  3. Just think of packing as a workout!

  4. That's awesome news! Good luck :)

  5. good news! Moving is quite a workout! Good luck with everything!!