Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Anyone have a Cure for Extremely Dry/Cracked Lips?

Still here, still trudging along slowly. Have not lost any weight lately, thinking I may have gained a pound or 2. But for right now I am just trying to get my juju/motivation back. The eating has never been a problem to get into check but the exercise is a whole other monster. With my honey now working and riding his bike 2 and from work and having a physically demanding job I feel like I need to step up my game and get going. Before I know it he will surpass me and I will be like whoa what happened LOL. Life at home is still crappy my parents are getting worse and I am trying to stop the binge drinking to cope and get productive with handling my stress. All in due time, been drinking nothing but water and staying on a clean eating plan. Was going to work out this morning but got caught up in doing stuff around the house. I'm tired of making excuses I just need to get my but off this computer and do it!!
Anyone have any remedies or cures for extremely dry and cracked lips? I have tried every chap stick/balm out there and nothing helps :( they bleed and just look like crap