Sunday, April 26, 2009

Different Mindset

Thanks for all the encouraging posts about my binge last night. Funny thing is that this is the 3rd time I have binged and it resulted in a .5 pound loss LOL. I ate good today and we even took the dog for a walk, if all goes on plan mom will want to walk after dinner too. That would be great, I will take all the walking I can get. Just that 20 minute walk alone made me feel much better and I had forgoten how I felt after walking/working out and it is amazing. I have been lacking in the calcium and Iron dept lately so that could be why I have been feeling down and lethargic. I Do eat alot of carbs, and it concerns me a bit, but I just cant seem to find much of the things I like that are lower in carbs. I tried to change my cereal and the end result was too much uncomfortness in my digestive tract and also a weight gain. I will stick with my Fiber one, i love it and it gives my daily fiber intake. There are certain things that I know most people would say to cut back on, like the Fiber one bars that I eat almost everyday, I realize that they have fat, carbs and HFCS in them but the nutrition I get from them out weigh the bad. I don't feel like I am eating empty calories, like I do when I eat some chocolates, and chips on ocasian i just find it extremely hard to eat 90-100% clean. Especially when I live with other people that don't share my views of food and Nutrition, it gets very frustrating. Breakfast and lunch are ok during the week, but dinner and weekends are harder because I have to make things that everyone enjoy's and thats not always the best foods for me, and I do have the choice of not eating these things, but when there isnt much else, and veggies are limited it can be hard. I do watch my portion sizes on these things, on everything really, i only eat like 2-3oz of fish, and chicken now but it feels me up when before I would eat 2 whole chicken breasts 2-3 servings of a Starch and always loved my veggies. It is just amazing to me, how far I have come, and I made very drastic changes to my diet all at once. I stoped eating eggs, mayo, butter and whole milk, whole cheese and white bread, all fast food, cakes, pies, dognuts and most of all kicked my 12 soda a day habbit in the butt, quit cold turkey. I still ate chips but I replaced them with 100 calorie packs, and the cookies as well and I could do with just one pack, now they are cut out mostly to ocasionally like maybe 2 times a month if I am lucky. Im also suprised with the drastic changes that I didnt drop more weight and at a faster rate, I did good in my opinon with the drastic changes I made. They worked for me and still do, I dont feel deprived at all alot has to do with mind set and how I view food I think, that junk and fast food has no nutritional value whatsover so why should I put it in my body? I guess I am rambling and running on just looking back and reflecting on how far I have come. Im not going to beet myself up for mistakes I make, I will learn and think about why I made the choices I did, that way next time I might make better choices. Move on and keep my head held high becuase I know what I am doing and I alone are responsible for what I put into my body and the choices I make.

Tommorow I plan on walking and getting back into my work out dvd's. I will do it and not push myself I will start out slow and try and do them everyday until I am used to them again and I feel I can Push myself. My 28th B-day is right around the corner and for once I want to feel like I am worth the effort put into the celebration.


  1. Yay, I love long posts!

    I just got the book, "Confessions of a Carb Queen" today. For some reason, the blogs that turned into books really keep me motivated. You should check it out :)

  2. You have made ***amazing*** changes. You tailor this journey to fit you, and listen to others, but you make your own decisions! I eat Fiber One every day, and I eat a very high fiber diet--don't worry about it. While I want to eliminate HFCS, a little isn't going to kill you. For Pete's sake, it's in catsup. It's in everything.

    Bottom line is that you have to make it yours to make it work.

    You are doing fantastic!