Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Woo hoo I am down 1 pound this week, my good eating and trying to do things around the house to keep myself moving paid off. So it is 3.5 more pounds to go to my short term goal, im excited but scared at the same time. I cannot remember when I was 200 pounds or under lol.


  1. Great job! Keep it up!

    What part of Cali are you in? If you dont wanna say so on here, you can email me at

  2. HI! I don't know how your cable in Cali is... but our Cox OnDemand service has a Freezone and on it I can find ExerciseTV under the health and wellness free category. That is where I've been going to use "video's". it's free w/ my cable... So why not :) That's how I checked out the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I don't know how i finished it. i am so sore, just from the 1x. I guess I'll be doing it ever day for the next 30 days. Anyhow... I hope your cable also provides something similar;) Good luck. :)

    Also... Don't worry about not keeping up with denise. :) You'll get there. All it takes it a little extra push each week and before you know it... you'll be doing it all.