Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thinking about quiting writing this blog...

I have been thinking about quiting this blog thingy. I have not had much success in it, not as much feedback as i would have liked. Im not such a great writer and I could be taking up some time from others that have more important things to say. not that I wont continue to read and comment on others, because I enjoy themQ!


  1. Don't quit! It's not about taking time from other people, what you have to say is important.

  2. Your blog is for you to write and purge your feelings, thoughts and emotions. It's a forum for yourself that people happen to read.

    If you are writing for us, you are doing it wrong, imho. This is YOUR tool. It's to hold YOURSELF accountable, because only YOU can do that.

    I read at least 30 blogs a day, and post comments seldom. I also have 44 followers, but get only a comment or two, usually.

    Good news is, I don't really write for the masses. I write for me. It's my journal. Read it or don't. I'm still going to write.

    I hope you can feel the same way eventually, too.

  3. HI! I saw you joined my Blog today! Welcome :) I love readers. :) As i'm sitting here reading yours i came across this post and just had to say... Stay with it. Write for you. Write to keep yourself accountable. If nothing else. Get all the crud off your chest that you hold in. It's not good to keep things inside and what better place to put things than down for you to read and get that AHA moment or better yet to inspire someone reading your blog to get that extra push today!
    If I can do this... You can do this :) Keep at it; unless you don't enjoy it... then quit. :) LOL But if you like it, keep at it depsite the comments you do or don't get. :) Good luck!