Thursday, April 30, 2009

I got the double whammy, Steriods and TOM... UGGG

Just wanted to send out a quick thanks to everyone that has commented on my blogs and for all the advice and suggestions, support and thoughts!!! I have been drinking alot of water today, and I did have my benefiber with breakfast and it has seemed to help. I got a double whammy tho, the steriods that make me hungy and the TOM that makes me crave and gain weight. So I am screwed so to speak this week for weigh in, im already back up to 202 today so who knows by tommorow. *sigh* Tommorow is the day we sign our lease and get the keys to the new house, were going over to measure and check things out as well as do some cleaning so I will be getting some excersise, since I cant workout until my asthma is 100% under control. it is doing alot better today, I did wake up at 5 am but I wasnt short of breath or wheezing, until I went to go back to sleep, then it hit me, It wasnt as bad as it has been tho so I am hoping it is getting better.

Todays eats

Breakfast: 1/2 cup FO original, 1/2 cup FO raisin bran clusters,1/2 cup ff milk and 6 strawberry's 8oz kids minute maid OJ and 2tbs Benefiber powder

Lunch: A salad with my usual minus the cheese, add 1 oz chicken breast, 1 wedge Laughing Cow garlic & herb and 4 multigrain Melba snacks crackers

Snack: 3oz mini peeled carrots, 1 sargento 2% low fat string cheese snack size

Dinner: 3oz grilled chicken breast, 1/2 cup Chicken stove top, 1.25 cup cooked chopped spinach and 8oz Cranergy Pomagrante Crandberry lift

Snack for tonight: 1/2 cup total cereal and 1/4 cup FF milk, maybe 1/4 7' banana

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  1. Total Cereal, sounds good. I might get some ot it.