Monday, April 20, 2009

Todays Stress and eats

I had a rather stressful day... It started out good and seemed to be smooth besides the 80 degree weather at 10 am. The stress set in about 2:30 Having to deal with people from a buisness that has really bad customer service and no one knows what the other person is doing or saying. Im not getting into it but I will at the end of the week or beggining of next week.
We left so quickly and my mind was on other things that I forgot to grab my snacks before we left. So by 3:45 I was a bit hungry and thirsty, so we hit up Taco Bell, I only had intentions on getting a medium Baha Blast.. but I ordered one of those new triple beefy layer nacho, on thew value menue. I shared it with my other half and it wasnt really all that big to begin with. I felt horrible after eating it, bloated, heartburn, and generel ill feeling. Or maybe it was guilt, tho it was my choice and we havnt eaten fast food since Aug 08. So I am not betting myself up over it, im moving on and making better choices and planning better for chaios in the future. Its rather hot still at 9 pm and I have been guzzling water like its going out of style.

I worked in the backyard today rakeing up the jungle that my SO weed whacked yesterday, then moving on to sweeping the front drive and walkway and weeding.
Breakfast was 1/2 cup fiber one honey clusters, 1/2 cup Finer one shredded wheats, 1/2 cup ff milk and 4 sliced strawberries and about 3oz of OJ.
Lunch was a whole wheat pitta with avocado, lettace, Tuna salad and an olive, left over broccoli and about 1/2 cup of noddles left from last nights dinner.
We had Turkey burgers for dinner, whole wheat buns I used avocado instead of mayo, tsp mustard, sprouts, lettace, tomato, onion and pickle, and about 13 seasoned fries.

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  1. When I eat fast food, it makes me feel that way too sometimes. I try to remember what it makes me feel like if I ever get a craving for it.