Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Need some advice on buying an Elliptical?

So now that I will have some extra space in the new house, Im looking into buying an elliptical machine. I don't have much to spend Im looking for something under $300. I want to know if anyone has any good suggestions on which brand to get and where to buy at. Im looking at Wal mart because its easy to get to and they do have good deals on things.


  1. Hellooooo :)

    Ive had two ellipticals in my life. The first one was from Walmart. Cheap and affordable and they put it together for me. But you do get what you pay for and although it got me through, Id really suggest you save at least $200 more and get one from Sears. You get to choose your level, and resistance and program. I believe the ones at Walmart dont let you do that.

    Have you thought about just joining a gym? Then you can use any machine you damn well please and use the extra space at your new place(that ryhmed) for pictures of beautiful you :) (Too corny?)

  2. I don't know if they have the brand in the U.S. but we have one called "BodyTalk". We got it for really cheap ($120), but the important thing is it was the right kind. You have to try the machines for a minute or two. See if you can do it with your back straight comfortably. Some machines force you to hunch and those cause more damage than anything. Good luck with the search!

  3. Good question and I shall watch the replies with interest as I am considering it too!