Friday, April 24, 2009

Today's Weigh In... WOOTERS!!

Well i got up this morning and weighed myself... to my Shocking suprise the scale read 201.0!!! I am so excited that I am only 1 pound from my goal. I went over my calories just a bit last night, so I am guessing that I didnt put enough in for excersise and I got as close to my alloted calories as I could. Im in a whole different mindset today, looking forward to catching up on blogs and getting on with my day. No idea what we are going to do today but because my BF gained he will prolly want to go walk around somewheres. He started drinking soda again lol and I know that is why he gained. So its official we are going to the mall and the bookstore, which means pleanty of walking which I enjoy alot. So Im off to read blogs then off to get my walk on. Have a Great Friday everyone!!


  1. You lucky girl! 201 is A MAZE ING! Im so happy for you!!

  2. Congrats! Just 1lb away! You can lose that next week. just keep it in sight! :) WHOOOHOOO!!!!