Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ok so I havnt posted a blog here in awhile so I thought I would tonight before i get sucked into the BL. I still read and comment on posts I just havnr really been in the writing mood. I am now fully recovered from that awefull bug I had, but the weather and wind have made my alergies hell lately. Ive been eating very well these past 2 weeks and tho I am not working out to my videos, we have been doing alot of walking in the mall and grocery store. I also got in 2 bike rides, which I really enjoy, tho my hands and legs don't. i wish I could go longer, but my hands hurt so much and start to tingle, and Im not ready to ride with no hands just yet. \

I am down to 207 pounds woot, thats so good for me. Ive also started to read an awesome book I bought called "nutrition For Life. Its very well put together and very imformative.

well I am off to read a bit more of my book and watch TBL...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, Im getting back on Track

I have been sick, and therefore I have been LAZY and eating very poorly. But No more, I am feeling better and I choose to eat clean again and make better choices and to move as much as i can. Im scared that getting back to working out is going to kick my butt. I didnt loose any weight last week, but I didnt gain either.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Almost to my short term goal!

ok so I am only 10 pounds away from my short term goal. I have not been 200 pounds or under since I was like 10 years old or so. Im excited, but also scared it is coming up quickly, just as my 28th birthday is as well. Im sticking with it as much as i can and one day I will be that Healthy Fit Woman who is happy with herself, her body and her life... 200 pounds here I come

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy humpday

Happy hump day everyone! I hope y'all are having a good day so far. I got up at 10am my usual time had 1/2 cup fiber one original and 1/2 cup honey clusters with 1/2 cup fat free milk for breakfast. Waiting for time to go by so I can Workout, i slipped this week and didnt do my videos had a bad day on monday and was gone. Im getting back on track, been eating well just couldnt keep the sodium under 4000mg YIKES, damn ham LOL it was good tho. Having a nice salad and some fruit for lunch and snack. Im off now to go workout!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My body type... with pics (*hesitated*) Help if you can!

These pics were suposed to be on the bottom of post but I cant figure out how to move them or delete them...

Ok so I have the tools I need to help me in my journey towards better health. I have been steadily logging everything I eat and my excersise, eating as clean as I can with recources and circumstances I have. I know I have come along way from that 300 pound girl I still sometimes see. I am very proud that I have acomplished this loss so far, hell im extatic about being able to do something, stick with it for so long and not give up! But I know that I am still unhealthy because I carry most of my weight in my belly and back. 212 pounds isnt healthy for me at my short 5'1 frame, tho its much healthier than the 300 i was carring around for so long. I just sometimes feel like I am not doing enough, I try to make better choices when eating, shopping and getting out and moving my ass. I have been thinking that maybe I am eating too many carbs, I have my carbs/fat/protien set as 55/25/20 and I almost always go over that, not by a whole lot maybe 1-3 over. I still find it hard to cut out the carbs, maybe it is because of the foods I do eat that would be considered processed i guess, Like cereal, bread, boxed potatos, crackers. I just don't feel the need to cut out everything. I have given up the drinking the chocolate, pastries and now I am thinking I need to rethink my snack choices, those 100 calorie packs, even if I can only eat a half to 1 serving im still thinking they may not be the best choices. But I can only tolerate So many Fruits and Veggies. Don't get me wrong I love them but eating them all day everyday can get a bit boring for me. I don't know maybe I need to change the way I think about foods and eating in general or even about my personal journey, I am just tired of seeing these fat rolls hanging from my belly and on my back. I am hoping that the more weight I loose the better I will look and feel about myself. I am thinking of posting a picture of this area, because i feel like I am the only one who is shaped this way, I have seen a few of the women on TBL that have simalar shapes, but are taller and as they loose the wieght there are significant changes for them in these areas. I don't know maybe it really isnt as bad as I think it is? im rambaling. If anyone reads this post and has any thoughts or suggestions Please feel free to let me know, even if you think I might not like what you have to say, Im open to constructive criticism

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Works For You??

I just want to make this post to ask all of you out there, what has worked for you as far as weight loss and getting and staying healthy? What motivates you and keeps you on track towards your goals?

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Added to my workouts!

I added a new workout video today, after i did my wednesday 12 minute cardio kick box... i poped in the dance mix did the 5 minute warm up then the 10 min jazz & pop workout. it was fun, had a bit of trouble keeping up but it is something I will enjoy doing on a regular bassis. there are several different workouts on the dvd so I can switch it up and keep from getting bored. I had decited i spent enough money on workout dvd's and a stibility ball I still havnt used, so Im not going to get the shred... I read some bad reviews about the warm ups and the fact that jillian has you go from some Intense workouts that get your heart rate sky high right into doing something on the floor that makes it go down too fast. To me that would be too much strain on my heart, and also that she doesnt show you the correct form or tell you when to breath. One thing I love about Denise Austin is she shows the correct form and tells you when to breath and her warm ups and cool downs are right on. Just my opinion tho... Friday is WI day and Im looking forward to it for once. I hope the change in routine will show some nice numbers. I hope everyone is doing well, and having a great night!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Should I get the 30 day shred???

I have been thinking about changing up my workouts. I love the Daily dozen don;t get me wrong it has shown results. I have others all by denise austin, and tho she is motivating they are kinda boring. I have been thinking alot about the 30 day shred, I was going to order it but changed my mind because I was a complete beginer at excersise at the time. I'm concerned that it may be too hard or too much for me, im at 213 pounds now, but I still have asthma and even doing the jumping jacks and twists from the daily dozen kill me. i have to take a break to slow down during my 12 minute workouts. Ive read alot of reviews, but I want some real feedback about it. I know I need to step up my workouts and do something new and fun. if you have this workout Please tell me about it, any feedback would be great.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I made some snack bags

I broke down today and made myself up some little snack bags. I made like 10 filled with baby carrots to munch, 2 with 1 serving each of mixed nuts and 3 bags with a serving of pistachio's. I also am working on the same with my granola, club crackers and some vanilla waffers and grahm snacks. I know that they are not the best for me, but I feel like if i make little snack packs of 1-2 servings of them I might not reach for the chocolate candies!! Thought I would share because Im excited I wish I had more snack bags and other ideas to make more... i cut up my fruit and put them mixed into a big bowl, and just grab a serving of that when I want some fruits!!

Fridays WI... How do you get rid of stuborn back flab?

Well I just wanted to tell everyone that fridays WI was nice for me, 213 pounds! I have been so happy about it because I cannot remember when i was at or under 200 pounds.

The thing is I cant seem to get rid of the Nasty bag, tummy, or arm flab... it is still the same as it was if not bigger around my back then it was when i was at 270 pounds.. Its so ugly I dont want it anymore but no matter what I have tried I cant seem to tone it up or get rid of it. I read that once you loose enough weight it will slim down and the rest is tonning up. It hasnt budged and ive lost 87 pounds total... Any help here will be awesome, I cant stand looking at it anymore it is just really groose!!!