Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Asthma Landed Me in the Hospitol..

As many of you know Ive been suffering from severe allergies. For the last couple of days my Asthma has been really uncontrolable, and very early this morning I had a severe flare-up that landed me at the hospitol. They gave me a breathing treatment, several prescriptions for new medications. So now I am on Prednisone (and I hope I dont gain hella weight like I did that last time I took it) Proventil 2-4 puffs every 2 hours or as needed. My nebulizer which has both Liquid Albuterol and Atrovent every 4 hours, The preventative Inhaled corticosteriod Qvar (beclomethasone) and Singulair which is for both allergies and asthma and also a Nasal allergy spray. I cant excersise untill I get it under control which wont be for a few weeks, but I can walk and as long as I wear a mask I can pack and move and clean. Blah, Im so tired ive been awake since 3am and not being able to breathe is so scary. Dr told me I could have died because Asthma is so serious if it isnt under control. Now the last time My asthma was severe like this was in 2001 and I was about 200 pounds then too, at 300 my asthma never got any where near this severe. Im going to take it easy for a couple days and take all my meds so that I can get better. They say it is ok to walk outside I just have to take it easy and it is good for me as well.


  1. Oh no! Im sorry! That sounds SO scary! I cant imagine not being able to breath! Take it easy!! Get lots of rest, hope your back on your feet soon!


  2. That sucks, dammit! Heres to a speedy recovery :)

  3. Hugs - I get really bad asthma too and have been there in the hospital, struggling to breathe and feeling very scared. Prednisone is wonderfully helpful and finally I am on really great preventative inhalers these days.

    I bet you get well quickly now!


  4. I'm so sorry! ((((((hugs))))) That just must be so very scary. Take it easy. Spending easy-breathing vibes your way.