Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Ok so I havnt posted a blog here in awhile so I thought I would tonight before i get sucked into the BL. I still read and comment on posts I just havnr really been in the writing mood. I am now fully recovered from that awefull bug I had, but the weather and wind have made my alergies hell lately. Ive been eating very well these past 2 weeks and tho I am not working out to my videos, we have been doing alot of walking in the mall and grocery store. I also got in 2 bike rides, which I really enjoy, tho my hands and legs don't. i wish I could go longer, but my hands hurt so much and start to tingle, and Im not ready to ride with no hands just yet. \

I am down to 207 pounds woot, thats so good for me. Ive also started to read an awesome book I bought called "nutrition For Life. Its very well put together and very imformative.

well I am off to read a bit more of my book and watch TBL...

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