Friday, July 31, 2009

My 1 year aniverdary of 60 pounds, and where did this year go??

Come August will be my 1 year aniversary with Nutrimirror, 1 year I have lost and kept of 60 pounds! I cannot believe that its amazing to me that I have been able to acomplish that. I usually don't stick with anything, but the eating and moving more has stuck. Maybe not so much the working out but just because I tried something and it didnt stick doesnt mean I have given up. Im here to let everyone know that no matter how long it takes and yes if you do it right it will take a long time you can do this. I am living breathing Proof, Ive lost 112 pounds and I believe that each and every person can do it too!!! I still cannot believe that it is August I feel like my Summer has been so short, where has the time gone, the year is more than half over thats crazy. Only 4 more months until Christmas and 5 until 2010 WOW its unreal.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Feeling better and worked out a bit

I didnt get to walk as much as I wanted to this evening, 1.18 mile for 19 minutes but I mixed it up by jogging for a minute here and there and then jogging half way on the block to my house. I also did 4 minutes on the eliptical and 25 minutes on the staionary bike. It felt good, tho I was dissapointed that i could once again only go for barely 2 minutes without taking a rest on the eliptical. I really need to use it more or else I will feel really bad for my mom and Bf dropping 300 bucks into something that doesnt get used. The So jumped on it for 8 minutes today I was proud of him, although we were suposed to work out together, I was dissapointed but I guess we got comunication problems. Tommorow is the day of the week I look forward to the most, were going to have a picnic and then walk the river walk into old Sacramento, and then to the Farmers Market at the mall. I will let ya know how many miles it is round trip. Taking the ped with me so I can finally know how far after all this time. Happy blogging everyone!!

feeling drained

uggg i feel like poopy today, i slept until almost 10:30 shame on me and Im feeling so drained. But Im going to get my fat ass up and get things done. Looking forward to tommorow I love my thursdays. Im so tempted to crawl back into bed tho, I don't know why whenever I do I feel like shit afterwards. Ah not going to gotta go pick up the mama from work she isnt feeling good.

Monday, July 27, 2009

That damn pesky back flab...

I have been taking progress photos for my own personal viewing since sept 08. Last night I had the SO take some for the month of july (i take them monthly) and the ones of the flab on my back look so much worse then they did in janurary. I mean I have lost a significant amount of weight yet the flab gets bigger and now it looks like its just hanging there. It disgusted me to the point my stomach turned and all the advice Ive gotten about loosing more weight it will get smaller, well it hasnt and I am frustrated. It is the one part of my body that I really wanted to change because my pants fit funny, my back is shaped strangly due to the flab. Most people want a flat tummy but I just want to have a normal flat upper and lower back... *sigh* I guess maybe I need to work out more, but really since Spot training doesnt work how am I supposed to get rid of it, If I even can??

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Im still here!!

So ive been a busy busy person lately, and i miss blogging. I guess I just really havnt had much to say or felt the need to get on and write lol. Im terrible but I have been doing good now at 188 pounds woot go me. So that is 112 pounds lost so far and still alot more to go. In auguse I would have kept off 60 pounds. WOW that is amazing even to me lol and an acomplishment considering I never stick to anything for very long. I have had a pretty cool summer so far, i wish I could get out more and be more active, but thats ok. Having friends over to hang out and bbq and swim has been amazing and much needed. Otherwise I would have had a boring ass summer!
I have learned that I am too hard on myself most of the time i get mad when im up .5-2 pounds and I shouldnt be. Im also hard on myself when I go over my calories or eat a little bit of things I proboly shouldnt. But it could be worse, I still havnt stepped foot in a fast food joint, when we rat at resturants I order from the WW menu or have food cooked to suit me and my needs. I have been walking tons and the only thing really I have been having that I shouldnt are reduced fat tortilla chips, Guacamole and salsa, oh and the Neapoliton ice cream sandwiches. But thats it other than that I have been doing great on the eating. Aside from the nights we had company and last night because I got burned by 200 degree hot oil We have been walking alot. I look forward to my thursdays because we go downtown and walk to the farmer's market. Its so fun, well I am off to go have my amazing salad I made for dinner. Im still here and kickin thought id let ya'll know since I havnt been blogging much.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Graduation Party...

Wish me luck, today is a family graduation party at my cousins house. Not sure whats going to be the faire as I didnt have the guts to ask. Its ok because I know my limits, I know what I can and shouldnt have. Just hope that she took me into consideration as she did at the last party she had at her house. I have been doing good and I am so glad to be back on track it feels good. I still gained a pound at this weeks weigh in but I will take it because it could be worse. Well I am off to finish getting ready!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back on Track!

I did it, I ate good today and I walked.
I was very hungry all day so I opted to eat every 2 hours, I got up at 9am and had breakfast 1/2 cup each Total Raisin Bran. Fiber one honey clusters, Fat free milk and 24 blueberries.
I had a Oat and caramel fiber one bar at 11 and some fresh fruit in a small bowl. For lunch at 1 I had a salad it was yummy but I put to much cucumber and forgot the mushrooms. At 3pm i had a Fiber one yogurt, some watermellon, cantaloupe and honeydew as well as 3 apricots. Dinner was Baked Catfish, 2/3 cup white rice and 1 cup fresh steamed broccoli. Desert was 1 1/2 ounce of chocoalte frozen yogurt and 1 1/2 ounce of Blueberry blast frozen yogurt. Then we walked for 32 minutes at 1.73 miles... Im getting there lets just hope I can stay there again. I want so much to be below 190.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I fell off the wagon, gained 3 pounds bleh... ah well it was bound to happen . im tired and want to sleep!

Friday, July 10, 2009

its friday, a 2 pound weight gain WHAT NO WAY.. how is that even possible?

Ok so as you all know I have been a walking machine this last week, walked about 5 miles total to and from the farmers market yesterday, on top of walking to the store and back 2 times a day and walking the dog in the evening for 32 minutes at 1.73 miles. Ive also stepped it up and have been doing resistance for my arms and thighs and doing weights for my biceps and triceps. Not to mention my eating has been great, ive been kicking ass. So today the scale said 192 pounds... GAH what, a 2 pound gain after working my ass off. Anyways I was confused and frustrated but got alot of feedback and advice so im taking all into consideration and I am not giving up!

Also I have notcied lately that I sweat alot more then I used, after walking even stuff like doing the dishes. Im wondering if it is because my metabolism is getting higher and I am burnning more calories doing everyday normal things that are physical. Maybe its normal but i didnt sweat nearly as much when I weighed more its kinda weird. Another thing I didnt think about was now that I am 110 pounds lighter I dont burn as many calories as I used to doing things, so Im thinking I do need to step it up more. Im going to continue to walk every night and do the eliptical but im going to only do my weights and resistant stuff every other day that way I can give my body some rest. I'll do my tummy crunches and bicycle crunches and such every night tho, because what I understand the stomach muscles dont need a break. Thanks all for hanging in with me and listening to my bables, sorry I havnt been blogging everyday but im still here on my journey trying to make it and taking it one day at a time. Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Photos from the weekend.. I need a life lol

This was me smiling and having fun on sunday after our river walk, the wind made my hair look even better lol...
me and my other half trying to be cute together

wow I still see a 300 pound girl here, will I ever feel like Im thinner?

my hand at trying to be sexy, not sure if it worked or not LOL

4th of july bbq my honey was on his phone, sorta a in promptu pic...

Some fun photos from the weekend I thought I would share.. things have been going good. I kinda over did it yesterday and gained 1.5 pounds but thats ok Im strong and I will continue to do better and get that back off and more!! Have a happy Monday everyone.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Check out the new haircut, and tell me what u think please!!

So i have been doing so well with my eating and walking and getting my goals completed. I am so proud of myself, so I decited to treat myself to something nice, I got a new haircut. Please tell me what you think honestly, I was going for the Alice Cullen of Twilight look ( I know Im Obsessed) but it is a good series and great movie. Hope all is having a wonderful 4th!!! Take care and be safe

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Feeling much better... long week

So on monday I was feeling rather ill, I had a headache and took excedrin for the pain and that just made me feel worse. Apperently I cannot take pain meds anymore they make me very sick. If you recall my episode awhile back from the narcotics, now it is any type of pain reliever BLAH. Tuesday was my SSID hearing, I think it went well but now I have to wait for 30 days to 4-5 months to hear back from the judge. I didnt shit on monday because I felt horrible, but I did walk yesterday and get most of my goals completed. Once again I am lacking in the working out department. it sucks to because I want to be a hottie, it is all I have ever wanted and I want it so bad, but dont push myself like I should to get results. But at least I have been walking for 30 minitues almost every night. My poor pool is yucky, too many trees in the backyard and we havnt been putting the cover on or using it. I think I will make it a habbit to try and use it everyday as long as it is hot out. I need to kick my ass into gear and start using my Staionary bike and eliptical again. Not sure if I will do the 30 day shred again, I think I did like a week and the pain in me knee was too much. i am affraid it will happen again. Well it is time to take the dog on that lovely walk. Tomorrow I will work harder to get my goals completed, because I feel so good when I do!!!