Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Wow.. it is so hot and nasty muggy here. I am miserable, somehow verry bloated gassy as always lol and just irritable. Most likely it is about 95 here but the overcast sky and the humidity makes it feel like 100 or more. We cant afford to run the ac and all the fans are packed in storage and we dont know where they are. I am grumpy and just blah I dont want to do anything.

I ate well today and im cooking dinner right now... i dont feel up to writing what I had today.. maybe later when it cools off....



  1. 95?! Hell to the no honey. My activity is in a direct inverse proportion to the heat index. At 95 and muggy I'm sprawled out in front of some type of moving air. Sending cool thoughts your way!

  2. I stayed inside almost all day. I made the mistake of going to the car wash...Wow...

    I cant wait for your re-post.

  3. Wow. I'm in Minnesota, and we're still running the furnace. i'd gladly take *some* of that heat off your hands.

    Sending cool breezes your way!