Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Im in a funk.. and todays eats

Even thoufg the weather was much nicer today it was still rather hot. I did manage to get som e things done I wanted to, but nothing really on the excersise front and that depresses me. I have been trying so hard to get my butt back into gear, but ever since i got sick last month I havnt really done much of anything in the way of working out other than alot of walking. I dont think working around the house and packing and moving some boxes here and there is really going to pay off. I know that every little bit helps and counts, but its not the same to me. My SO has been rather lazy himself and I think it is rubbing off on me again. I know I shouldnt let him bring me down, but we spend 24/7, 7 days a week together non stop. Most things he does bug me to the point I get so frustrated. We dont go to bed at the same time, he stays up until 4am sometimes playing on the computer, That is what got me to 300 pounds was siting at my computer playing an online game for all hours of the day and night. I dont want to go back to that lifestyle its not what I want in life. I always look at it from some point of view that, we are both unemployed neither of us have a car,were both broke and we have no friends, it is sad to say but it is the truth, so what else is there really to do? Everything around the house gets done by me everyday and that can only take up a few hours a day, he isnt the outdoorsie type that likes to play badmiton or frisbe, or really any sports other then pool and really that doesnt get your heart rate up. I am rambling on about the same things I have posted about before, i guess I just cant seem to change things, and I am in a funk. my b-day is in 2 weeks and I would like to be 200 or under but the way things are going Im not sure it will happen.

Ive been thinking that maybe the reason I didnt stick with my workout videos was because they were not all the fun, sure I saw results when I would keep up with it and do it everyday for a week or two. Guess it just got old and now I am lazy and dont want to do a damn thing...

todays eats:

breakfast 1/2 cup each fiber one honey clusters and shredded wheat, ff milk, 4 strawberries, 80z of kids minute maid OJ

Lunch was a whole wheat pita with .10 cup purred avocado, reduced fat provolone (1 slice) lettace and 1 oz grilled chicken breast shredded. 2 cups sweet butter lettace with the usual veggies, edamame, shrimp, crutons, sprouts and 1 tbsp 4 cheese reduced fat shredded. 1 tbsp Toasted sesame dressing

snacks were Chocolate mocha fiber one chewy bar, 3 oz mini carrots, 4 oz ff nsa frozen yogurt, Cherry Cobler yoplait

Dinner was 2oz grilled chicken breast, 1/2 cup brown rice and 1 cup of California blend Veggies. with .25 tsp of ICBINB...


  1. Keep you head up. Here is what keeps me going. Today IS THE DAY! Don't look at tomorrow. Don't look at yesterday. Today. Nothing worth doing is worth waiting for. YOU ARE WORTH BEING UNDER @))lbs BY YOUR BIRTHDAY! And you CAN DO IT! You've been doing it. being in a funk sucks. But that's not getting you any where but down... so why not today... Get up and move.... just 20 minutes. Forget the video's. Do 20 minutes of exercises YOU DO LIKE while watching TV. or look for some ideas Online for exercises. OOOOHHHH!!! OR spend 20 minutes dancing around like a crazy person. That can always be fun. :) Try to do those dances that were in style when you were kid. You'll laugh. :) There are so many video's out there online too.

    You can do this and why wait. Do it today... Today is all that matters. And tomorrow... start over again. Never look at the past and never look to tomorrow. Because "messing" up, failing or having a bad day yesterday gets us down. Today is a new day and today is the day to turn it all around. And tomorrow may never come... So don't worry about it until it does come around.

    If I can do this... you can do this. We'll do it together. i don't feel like doing anything either, my hubby won't do anything with me either. BUT i'm doing this and writing to you that you can do is has sparked me to NOT take today off like I was going to. lets do 20 minutes of something today for each other :) Deal?

  2. Get outta that "try" mindset, Becca!

    Just do it! One day at a time. One hour at a time. Hell, one BITE at a time. Just DO it.

    When you "try" you give yourself permission to fail. And you are taking yourself up on that permission. Stop it!

    Hugs and love. (really, lol)