Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Not so good at my Commitment to blogging so far...

I had made a commitment to blog more at the beginning of the year. I have not kept it up as much as I would like to. There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to do everything I want to do. I complain about being bored a lot but yet I can't find time to do things during the day. Get up and eat breakfast check my FB and do my games which only takes about 15 minutes by that time the hubs is coming home, its time for lunch then to get ready for gym. Gym is an hour and a half give or take, then come home have snack and its time to do chores and start dinner. Clean and do dishes after dinner and I get about 2 hours to sit and relax and it is usually to Play WOW or to scrapbook or coupon. Then at 9pm it is hubs bedtime and I sit with him and I read until I get tired, and I cannot blog from my non smart phone anymore for whatever reason and I don't want to leave him to come and blog. Guess I will just have to cut some time off of other things or something!
We went to visit my aunt this past Thursday and we were there until Sunday afternoon. It was nice to get away and I felt good with little ailments (other than a few tummy issues, nothing like what I have at home). No headaches which was a plus, but the eating was not so great. I know that I don't eat a lot of things that I know are not the best for me and I eat as healthy as I can and most ppl would say that eating off plan or off limit foods is OK once in awhile. For me they are not, the simple fact that they trick my brain into being hungry all the time and I just can't stop eating once I start. When I got home on Sunday I could not stop eating junk food, chips and Guacamole, sees candy and tons of chocolate. There are times that I can enjoy a small treat of real Organic Chocolate, or organic Gelato without feeling deprived or feeling more hungry or out of control. But if I eat the stuff that is Sugar, Fat and salt laden I go buck-wild. I have been reading an awesome book that is helping me understand why and it is a great addition to all the nutritional information I read about all the time to get better informed so that I may get as healthy as I can and stay that way forever.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bad day

Could not stop eating today, no idea why. I had tons of chocolate and ice Cream and I just have not been feeling good. I have ate very healthy and clean for the last 2 weeks and I have also had serious Heartburn and acid Indigestion to the point I feel nauseous. Today has been no exception, its late and I need to get to bed.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Having a positive outlook makes all the difference...

Ended up skipping the gym today, not really by choice more like there was no time.Between the 4 hours of shopping, putting groceries away with a headache mind you from not eating since 9 am, having to make food to eat and then clean and cook dinner there was just no way to make it before they closed. I did however burn 400+ calories for 3 hrs of actual walking/shopping so it is not like I didn't move my ass today I so did. I think this was the first time in a very long time that I had a good time being out with the SO and grocery shopping. I was not stressed nor did I feel rushed and I got a lot accomplished and enough food to last about 3 months I am hoping. Tomorrow we will be going to the gym for sure and i am happy about that.

I have started this year out with a extremely positive outlook and it is going well for me. It is amazing how your attitude and the way you feel can change how you live your life. I believe that 2012 is going to be a good year, I am feeling better and taking care of myself better. Staying in touch with friends and being more social. Hell I am even blogging more also which makes me smile. Right now SO is in bed and I am sure he is not happy I am pounding away at the keyboard, but for some reason I couldn't post from my mobile (stupid non smart phone) lol.
Just wanted to post an update and get this put down before my thoughts decided to float away. Have a great night all!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

5.6 pounds gone... Fluke much?

So went to the gym Tues,Wed,Thursday but did nothing today. I finally got my HRM to work right and I burned 536 Calories yesterday and I am hoping that its right. I got on the scale this morning (still WI on Fridays) and it said 177.5! OK so that's 5.6 pounds down from Dec 29 which I was at 184 and I am thinking it has to be a fluke. I have been eating a little better and drinking a ton more water too. I'm happy about it but still seems kinda odd to me that I could put on 21 pounds in 2 months and then just drop 5.6 just from going to the gym and working out? LOL maybe I am on to something or maybe my body is just detoxing and it hasn't leveled itself out. I have been feeling kinda odd lately, a little hot and cold flashes, mild dizziness slight headaches and weakness. I don't think I am getting sick because it doesn't feel like it. More like my body is releasing all the toxins I put in it the last couple of months. Well anyways this is me making an effort to get back into blogging. Hoping that everyone is having a Great Friday and enjoys the weekend!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back Yet Again Take 2

Going to try this out again, there just seems to be so much to do lately and not enough time to do it. Maybe I need to cut my FB Games time down a bit and play less World Of Warcraft.

I am back yet again and I felt like doing some blogging this morning. It is damn cold out but its nice and the sun is shinning bright. The last few months of last year were crazy, between Halloween and Christmas all the Candy and Food the hubby working all hours of the morning in Retail and last minute shopping. I am surprised I still have my Sanity lol! Of Course I was so off plan and besides shopping and walking to the store a mile away that was all the moving I did. I started the Gym up this week and I gotta say that it feels amazing and scary at the same time. Got me a Nice Heart rate monitor that I adore for an amazing price (still trying to figure out how to get the calories burned to work right) and some new workout shoes that make my feet feel like they are wrapped in pillows. I am still working on the food part, don't get me wrong I am not going crazy and I am eating healthy but we still have some lingering expensive chocolates hidden around that I dabble in a little too much. What can I say it is my Vice, and I cut out the energy drinks and diet soda so I am on the right track. Still struggling tho with Sodium as usual, and even tho we only occasionally use boxed Potatoes for a side during dinner I think it's the cheese and Lunch meat from our sandwiches. Things are starting to look up and I have noticed that when I keep a positive outlook and try not to stress the small stuff things go well and I can just cruise through life without much effort. This is all new to me, and kinda overwhelming but it does feel good and I feel better!