Monday, May 4, 2009

ima be 28 tommorow and at 199 pounds!!!

Well both Steriods and Tom are gone finally and thank god for that, but the best part is I am feeling much better. My asthma seems to be better under control and I am happy about that. On a side note I weighed in today at 199 pounds this morning, and since I missed fridays weigh in because of the prednisone, i am tickled pink. Tommorow I will be 28, man am I getting old at least this year I am alot happier and healthier then I was last year and that means alot to me. It blew me away when I was shopping for something special to wear, or just to treat myself for an early b-day present, here I am looking through the size 18's Try them on and they fall off my ass, wow so off to a 16, still big enough to fall off, alas a 14 tiny bit snug but WOW seroiusly at 199 pounds I can wear a size 14, i havnt worn a 14 since I dont know when. So not only did I have a SV but a NSV as well. It is still very hard to believe that I have lost so much weight and let alone see it when I look in the mirror. I have been obese all my life except when I was younger I was always very skinny until I turned 8 and Puberty hit me. I have so many things to be thankful for, being alive to turn 28, being so much more healthy and being happy.

I have been away for awhile, because of the medicine I was taking and trying to get things packed and sqaured away for the move this weekend. But I have been staying on track with my eating and been doing well. Havnt been working out tho so now that my asthma seems to be more under control I can start again. I picked up the 30 day shred and it was at 9.99 and so I snatched it up and I am going to try it soon. I need to let things settle before I get back into my working out full force. And I have the sneaking suspicion(sp?) that my wonderful boyfriend and mother are getting me an elipctical for my b-day. I saw a awesome Gold's gym on with adjustable stride and alot of extras for 297 bucks at wal mart.


  1. Happy early birthday!!!!! And rock those size 14's :) That's so awesome!

  2. WOW, what a birthday present, size 14s and great health!

    Glad you're doing better.


  3. OMG BECCA! How exciting! I am thrilled for you! Happy Birthday, and I hope you get that elliptical :)

  4. GREAT JOB! Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy Birthday! Wow what a great present, ONEDERLAND!!!! That is awesome, you are doing a fabulous job :)