Friday, June 26, 2009


I just want to let everyone know that things are going well. I am still trying to work through some of the mental aspects and issues of my journey, but other than that I am still pushing my way through. Eating good, staying in green on my home page ( alittle orange on fat and red on iron) but working on it. Those longer walks I have been taking make me feel amazing, who would have thought? Im still pushing myself to get my workouts in everynight as well. Ive been completing my goals and that feels good to me, like I am acomplishing things. TOM is visiting this week and Ive gone a little over yesterday but am feeling better today. Im down to 193 pounds and it is great. August 17 will be my one year aniversary on NM and I have managed to keep off 55 pounds since then, when I started I was 248 pounds (not even my heaviest). To date I have lost a total of 107 pounds!!!

Weekly goals

Keep up with housework; Completed :) yayy me

Loose 1 lb a week; so far it looks like I lost a pound this week, im at 193 pounds

Don't let things bother me/discorage me; working in it, its more like a work in progress

Plan; Completed

Take care of myself more; That is a work in progress but it is going great so far.

I completed almost all of my daily goals so far aside from the evening things I do such as my walks and excersise.

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  1. Take good care of the days and the weeks (and months) will take care of themselves. Good job on reaching your goals.