Saturday, June 20, 2009

Down 1.5 pounds today!!

194.5 was the number on the scale this morning. I am not sure if it is right but I will take it anyways. Yesterday was my aunts memorial in SanFrancisco, and I was tired and drained when I got home. I didnt excersise at all bit I did get in the pool and do some jumping jacks and squats and tricep dips. Not many but I still did them, and I was way over on my sodium but I know I drank way more water than I normally do. Went for a walk with the puppers earlier and am planing on doing the eliptical here shortly. My goal is to be able to do 8 minutes since I started out at barley being able to doing 2 minutes to doing 6-7 with a small rest in between. After my workout on the eliptical I am going to have a small bowl of my summer fruit mix I made.


  1. Nice loss, missus! Great numbers :D Any exercise is better than none so kudos to you~!