Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Blah it is going to be so hot today I was looking forward to being cool in the pool. We opened it up and low and behold the damn ph is hella low and the chlorine was at like 8ppm *sigh* gotta wait a few hours. But I did acomplish some of my goals today and I am happy i completed them yesterday. Here is to a nice productive day!

Goal 1: Exersise; Completed did 17 minutes on the stationary bike, weights for 5 minutes

Goal 2: Walk; Completed did 1.23 miles in 21 minutes, woot go me!!

Goal 3: Do dishes after breakfast; Completed

Goal 4: Take Asthma/Alergy meds; Completed

Goal 5: Take vitamins; Completed

Goal6: Be kinder to myself and my SO; Working on it

Goal 7: Plan; Completed Sunday Planned dinners for the next 2 weeks

Goal 8; Listen to my body; yep sure did it told me i was hungry

Goal 9: Brush my hair; Completed

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  1. It must be in the 90s there! Ughhh that is HOT. I am in Santa Clara (near San Jose) and it is 83 here today.