Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things are starting to look up!!

Wow things are getting back to normal now well almost anyways. I still havnt worked out because my knee is now killing me all day long and I have no idea whats going on. i can walk without problems but when I sit or walk up stairs or sleep with it bent it kills me. I had surgery on it when I was younger I had a Dislocated patella that they couldnt see on the x-ray. So I am wondering if I just aggrivated it somehow, i just hope it gets to feeling better soon beacause I miss Working out with jilian and on the eliptical. Good news today tho I weighed in at 197 pounds which is such a relief for me as I have been teetering between 199-201 for so long. It has been a good weekend so far, we did some shoping today and i tried on a size 17 shorts from op and they actually fit, but I didnt buy them because they were hot shorts and tho I have lost alot of weight I still feel like i am too fat to wear the teenage style clothes that I have craved most of my life. I am also back on track with my eating which makes me feel good also, staying green is an acomplishment for me. There are still so many things I have not given up but alot that I have. I still believe that it works best for me to not give up everything, my biggest one is sweets and chips. The chips I don't eat offten if at all but the sweets, its hard for me to stay away from chocolate and grahm crackers, tho I have cut my portions down dramatically on the things I consider treats. On a side note, the house is really coming along starting to feel more like home and look more lived in. Update on my dad, he is doing awesome, he is eating again and he is doing alot of things around the house, he is mean with the dog now and I dont like it, she was always his baby girl and with him all the time, now she avoids him because he yells at her all the time and tells her to go away when she wants lovin. :( ive mostly been avoiding him too, he has been a drunk all my life so I guess I have a fear that he will change how he feels about me now that he is sober. Sorry for the long post, its been a while since I blogged so I had alot to write!


  1. It's good to hear from you! Congrats on the weight loss and eating victories :)
    Sweets are a prob with me too...I could eat Nutella all day long!
    Good luck with our dad. I'm sure it's scary, but I'm thinking of y'all and hoping all works out for the best :)
    Have a great week@

  2. Maybe you should try sitting down and working out your upper body, if you want some exercise. Any moving you do burns calories. I feel you on not giving up everything. It'd be way too hard for me. Sorry about things with your dad, but just have faith everything will get better with your dad. P.S. And if your dad doesn't show the dog loving, YOU give her an extra dose (I'm a big animal person).