Monday, June 22, 2009

Daily Goals

Happy monday! Today started off rather shitty, but Im trying to get past it. Last night we went for a 19 minute walk, hey its a start and I did 8 minutes on the eliptical. I also got my list down and for the most part I think they are easily obtainable goals. Some are my own personal ones for me and others are for my continued health. These are my daily goals

Goal 1: Exersise;Completed I did 20 minutes on the stationary bike and 8 mintues on the eliptical

Goal 2: Walk; Completed walked for 21 mintues it felt great

Goal 3: Do dishes after breakfast; Completed

Goal 4: Take Asthma/Alergy meds; Completed

Goal 5: Take vitamins; Completed

Goal6: Be kinder to myself and my SO; Working on it

Goal 7: Plan; Completed Sunday Planned dinners for the next 2 weeks

Goal 8; Listen to my body; even thought I had alot of calories left I just wasnt hungry

Goal 9: Brush my hair; Completed


  1. Looks good Becca. One step at a time right?

  2. Good luck girl! And us updated about your progress! Cheers Erin

  3. here's to a new day and the hope that THIS ONE isnt starting off shitty

    keep walking
    keep updating