Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot, cranky some thoughts on my weight loss and todays goals...

It was very warm today, i got into the pool for a few today but didnt really do much but sit and cool off. TOM is here and I am hot and cranky, not to mention Ive had a bad day and it is like 100 degrees in my house. This office with 2 computers 4 people and the sun shinning on it all day gets too freaking hot for my liking. On the other hand my bed room is the coolest room in the house and I love it, it was like the opposite at the old house. I have 400 calories left for tonight and there really isnt much more I can eat but i know if i dont then I will most likely not see a loss. it is very wierd that if I dont get as close to 0 on my calories I dont lose the weight, but as long as I am under 90 I dfo good and the scale shows it. Im off tho i need to get into a cool room and relax!

Goal 1: Exersise; Completed did 20 minutes on the stationary

Goal 2: Walk; Completed walked for 29 mintues today and it felt great!!

Goal 3: Do dishes after breakfast; Completed

Goal 4: Take Asthma/Alergy meds; Completed

Goal 5: Take vitamins; I forgot :(

Goal 6: Be kinder to myself and my SO; Working on it

Goal 7: Plan; Completed Sunday Planned dinners for the next 2 weeks

Goal 8; Listen to my body; I surely did today, yep yep

Goal 9: Brush my hair; Completed

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  1. I HATE heat. :) I always say that I am a fatty and the summer wasn't meant for fatty's. :)