Sunday, June 21, 2009

I noticed I don't blog much when things are going good...

I have not really been blogging much, sure Ive posted some pictures and a short blog about my loss. I have noticed I blog more when I am upset or things are not going right, I rarely have alot to say or write about when things are moving along I feel like I am going steady with eating right and excersising I wonder why that is? I have so many things that run through my head that i want to do, things I just randomly think about but never put them down and then they slip from my thoughts. I have been doing very well with eating lately and Im proud that I have put my foot down and decited that I am going to eat the way I want to eat and too bad for anyone who doesnt like it! Ive decited that its time to make a budget and think about what and where to put what little money we have. Bills and food are #1, and if there is a little left over then I think it should be put away to save to get our lives together. I put it on the table that I do not want to eat out anymore, 2 times a month at the most is what I am willing to sacrafice, besides it saves so much money if you think about. Even if it means I have to sit down and Plan out dinner for every night in a 2 week period at a time, hell I like doing that. I just never can figure out what to do if something doesnt go right and I cant stay on dinner plan. Anyways, things seem to be going better at home, I decited that Im going to just do what I can to keep my parents happy, without giving up what I believe I need to do for me. If that means not going anyewhere and staying home more, maybe that could be a good thing, if i get my ass in gear then maybe I will excersise more with my free time. I have to learn to not let what others are doing influence my decisions on what I should and want to do. I think aside from the mental part I need to work on the only other thing I need to work on is Working out more. Sure I walk and do I am up to 8 minutes on the eliptical but that isnt even 30 mintues a day and it isnt everyday either. I have decited to start walking every night no matter what to start and hopefully we will be able to go longer than 13-15 mintues. Well I am off to make a list of goals, then sort them out into long term short term weekly etc... Hope everyone is having a good weekend and HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!


  1. Keep walking, and go a little bit further every time out. You'll find that you're up to thirty minutes (or more) in no time.

  2. I love this post--you're so focused on the direction you need to go. Good for you!

    Enjoy that walking!

  3. Lists are great and also carrying a notepad and pen in your purse or have them on your nightstand. I seem to come up with solutions to problems right before I go to sleep.

    Glad to see you are so focused. I think you are doing great!

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