Thursday, June 4, 2009

Them pills made me sick

I got myself up yesterday a little on the later side and didnt eat breakfast. I did workout to the 30 day shred and somehow later in the evening my knee started to hurt very bad. Im taking so many different meds I wasnt sure if it was ok to take motrin. So i took a Tramadol (ultram) because I know it is safe to take with all the other meds. 3 hours later it didnt seem to do anything but make me loopy and headachey. the pain was so bad i opted to take a Norco and i split it in half. Oh did the pain go away until about 3 and then I felt so sick, It felt like my blood was all warm circulating my body and I was sick to my tummy. I was up half the morning Being sick. I will never be taking narcatics again! Ive had lots of gatoraide/poweraide crackers and a little bit of soup.


  1. Wow. Hope you get to feeling better soon! (((hugs)))

  2. A sore knee and nausea together is a bummer. Hang in there! :)