Thursday, February 5, 2009

Planning... Heres one for you Dee!

Ok so I am having alot of trouble with the planning aspect of my lifestyle. I plan My day as far as what I do from the time I get up until I go to bed, this may seem OC but its more like a guidline, because life happens and things change. I try to plan my meals, and as I said before I can plan breakfast, lunch and snacks but because I live with my parents and sometimes they are not in the mood for certain foods or my mom brings home junky foods to eat. See my delemia here is sure I can plan dinner for the week on sundays, but I get no input about it from others that I live with. Should I just plan dinner and say screw it seeing as I am the one who cooks during the week? I had a horrible night last night, it started out good... mom bought some weired store bought cooked bbq pork ribs for dinner, they didnt have no nutritional information or ingredants on them. I said no way I have never eaten them and I wont, so I had planed to have a Lean Cuisine Salmon mediteranen, well after cooking it in the Micro, the noddles were all nasty and stuck together and the salmon was all tried out and YUCK. So I threw it in the trash... There was nothing else left in the house that I could consume my 400 calories and stay in green for my Soduim. So I threw a fit and went to bed, after long arguing with everyone ( i am stubborn and I stood my ground) At about 8pm my boyfriend took me to the store ( I really wanted Taco hell)I found something we came home and I made it. Went over on my soduim and calories but I worked it off. I think it showed that i starved myself for several hours when i weighed in this morning at 218.5 pounds again from the 116 I was at yesterday morn. Needless to say this has happened on several occasions, and because we dont have a vehicle and have to hope my parents are ok with us taking it to buy food when "we have plenty" here... yeah JUNK that I refuse to eat and I have a right to choose. So what can I do so that this doesnt happen again. I have been trying to eat clean, as much as I can anyways but its difficult as hell in my cituation due to lack of having the means to grocery shop more than once or twice a month. HELP

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  1. Why don't you do this... sit down with mom and figure out a weekly dinner calendar. It makes sense, grocery shopping-wise, because you only buy the foods for the meal plan. WAY cheaper than throwing a bunch of shit in the cart and figuring out what to do with it when the day comes and it's dinner time. You can sell it to her on that.

    If that doesn't fly, then I think what I would do is alot a larger sum of calories for whatever dinner suprise is going to be, and work the rest of the day around that. Say... 750 calories. Figure the rest of the day without figuring dinner, then adjust how much you eat of dinner depending on what it is.

    Does that make sense? If it's a chicken salad, then you can have a larger portion, with full fat dressing, and maybe some croutons. If it's a creamy potato casserole, then have a cup of it, with a small salad on the side.