Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I hate being in a Funk, I feel like Im letting myself down!

So Here I am again in a huge funk... I binged, i slipped for days on end and what do I have to show for it? 7 pounds gained in 11 days YIKES!! I keep going over my calories eating stuff I shouldnt eat and I am paying for it. This really does suck, I mean im not trying to beat myself up or looking for sympathy, I know in my heart that it has been a hard couple of weeks. Ive been through so many bad things since Dec, loosing so many people that are close to me, now we have 3 months to find somewhere to live. I guess if I really think about it, it could be so much worse I could have gained more than 7 pounds easily. I just cant get back on track no matter how hard I try, the weather really really sucks, its so cold and Im having a hard time with eating the right things, and getting my butt in gear to excersise. Im still doing my 12 minute daily dozen, Im adding 12 more minutes of cardio to each day, and riding the bike, but its not enuff because I am gaining weight and my fat pants are getting too tight. I know when I am stressed I put on a ton of fat in my belly and back area. Blah, I dont want to give up, but I just cant find my groove. I feel like I am using the bad weather and all the stress from the heartache as an excuse...Im going to pray tonight and hopefully within this week i will get back on track... helps that the Fat food is gone from the house, minus the chocolate strawberry kiss cake that i am going to go throw away tommorow.


  1. Pick the response you need and want:

    Becca, don't worry about it... it's just a blip in the journey. You can totally do this thing!


    Becca, stop it! You are making excuses. Yes, it is awful that life threw you curve balls with major unhappiness. But you know what? Life will always throw you things. It's up to you how you react to them. Are you going to face every challenge with bingeing, and then whine about it? Or are you going to face each new day with the knowledge and power that you have gained so far on this journey and spit in it's face, saying "HA, you WILL NOT WIN, because I AM WORTH IT". Because you ARE worth it. And you CAN do it. One day, one hour, one meal, hell, one minute at a time if you have to. Now stop whining. Stop procrastinating. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out there and move your ass. Throw that cheesecake away NOW. Make a difference. TODAY.

  2. BTW: Please read the above post with the love it was written with. :)

  3. Hey Becca I saw your comment on Scale Junkie's blog. The way that I got my blog out there was to visit a LOT of other blogs and leave comments. I visit those blogs regularly. Now that I've visited your blog I will add you to my google reader and I'll come back and visit you regularly! :) Good luck to you! :)

  4. Hi Becca. Ditto what Natalia said. I saw you on Scale Junkie and have been new and readerless too - just recently.

    The way I got some people to read my blog was I got out there and read blogs and left comments so they could tell I had been there.

    Ummm, I am confused. You profile says you live in Sacramento, yet you say it is too cold to exercise? Girl! I live in Wisconsin and apparently you don't know what cold is! I just checked intellicast and it says it is 56 where you live. My basement is 56 degrees all winter. And my whole house is set at 55 when we are sleeping! I am positive you can handle it.

    When I am done here, you'll have another follower - if you want me. (Sorry if my rant about your weather was harsh...)

  5. and now? are you feeling better at all?