Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weigh in's

My WI are on friday, this is when I update my weight on my favorite site Nutrimiror. I do weigh myself every morning when I get up, after I pee. Well I havnt been doing so well with my sodium since the weekend, I didnt excersise on saturday or sunday, just shopping and some light chores around the house. Well when I weighed it said 214.5 and on friday it was at 216.5 thats 2 pounds i am down, wow lets just hope I can keep it that way. No more junk for me, its all been thrown out ( cept the candy, but its my mom's and i dont have to touch it). The alcohol is still here, but its been here for almost a year, and just recently i started drinking again, but not anymore I am done with all that. Ive got my dinners all planed out for 4 weeks in advance, we got pleanty of food here and I still have a bit of extra food money to use on fresh veggies and more fruit. I know I can do this, its time to let go of the things I cannot change and face the ones I can!! I hope everyone is having a great day!!!

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