Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Support during a Tough time... When someone very close passes away

My dear Aunt passed away on Tuesday, it was so hard and is still so hard. We were very close when I was little and thru my teens she was like a 2nd mom to me, my best friend in so many ways. She moved to tenneessee about 6 or 7 years ago, we grew apart and i hardly got to talk to her let alone see her. She was very sick with ovarian cancer and the chemo they were giving her only killed her faster. She will be forever missed but never forgotten!
Eating right and excersizing has been so tough since last thursday, i tried and i feel like even though I ate late lunches and dinners and even skipped meals, i did ok. Saturday was a bad day with the whole family and so much food, i splerged a bit mostly grazed on very small portions of things, but i also got alot of fruits and veggies in as well. Yesterday wasnt so good either i had 4 mini chocolates and a cinamon roll. Today we went to an itallian resturant, and I ordered a lunch off the low fat menu. But then i got a magarita and tiramisu which is SOOOOO bad. Oh well tommorow is a new day and I am planning to get back to eating right and excersising again. I never planned for what was happening even though I had a clue that things were going to be bad. I am very sad and I dont think it has hit me yet, and Im scared for when it does, because I know my aunt would want me to stick with my new lifestyle and to never give up.

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