Monday, February 9, 2009


I was so off track this weekend that I was so afraid that coming back would make me feel sick. Don't get me wrong i didnt do so bad, as I could have. Saturday I ate 3 cookies, 4 cheese cubes and a smoked susage stick, a half tablespoon of spinich dip with 3 small wedges of bread,2 chips one with guac and one with french onion dip. I ttok like 3 sips of pepsi and it was nasty and made my tummy hurt. I ended up with a migraine, prolly because all of the crying, all of the commotion and the tons of body's in such a small crowded house. There was a ton of food, some not so bad and others that I did enjoy but I grazed a bit and thats what got me into trouble. I did have lots of fruit and veggies too, there was 3 or for trays full of them. I came home and ate a 6 inch chicken breast sub and had some Cottage cheese. but when going back to my cousins house I had a small slice of mini cake. When I finally settled down on saturday night I plugged everything into my NM and boy my sodium was high and I went over my calories. I didnt beat myself up at all, with all my emotions and everything that has been going on I gave myself a weekend break. Sunday I ate a good breakfast, then we went to the mall and walked around for almost 3 hours and It felt great. i skipped lunch because i didnt want to give in to the fast food that was tempting me, nor did I want to have subway again ( tho Lately due to all the back and forthness I have been skipping lunch or eating a lete lunch). I did have a good dinner when I got home, grilled chicken breast, Tri color pesto tortalini and aspargus. Yummy it was indeed. So even tho I had a crazy weekend, i came back kicking ass today, 12 minutes of cardio fat blast, took the dog for a walk, little grocery shopping and a good breakfast and lunch, I even got a snack in there also. Im feeling sorta tired and sluggish, a little headache but I think its because I had a slow weekend, and my body is in weekend mode still. I dont usually use my weekends as free days, they have been just like during the week, but since this past thursday things have gotten "off plan" so to speak.

For those of you who havnt read about it in a post on NM, I got some really devestating news about a really close family memeber who isnt do so well. So it has been back and forth for me and my mom, to my cousins house to visit, to pick up and drop off so everyone has been somewhat outa whack. And do to conflicting times and not knowing whats going to happen from one hour to the next, I havnt been able to sit down and plan for this week. I just may do that now. I hope that everyone is doing well, and if you dont see me for a few days please dont worry just pray for me and my family! Thank you

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