Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I can't take it anymore

OMG this stress I cannot take it anymore... I do everything around the house, cook, clean, dishes and sometimes laundry, Then when my mom gets home from work the bitching the arguing the mental abuse starts... I dont complain about doing things, but when I am bitched at about the way things are done, or not done I get so frustrated. Then i have a lazy ass boyfriend who still refuses to do anything to help himself out, and I know I cant change it, but i do love him and dont want to lose him! AHHH Im going nuts, I have no friends and this blog is the only way I can get this out, I cant go anywhere to get away because 1) I have no money 2) I dont have a car or liscense 3) I have nowhere to go... Im scared im going to drink way to much and binge... I just cant take it anymore

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