Sunday, November 15, 2009

What a fly by weekend *sheesh*

Wow this weekend went by so fast, I just cannot get over the fact that it is almost 2010. They say when you get older times flies but this is unreal. I did day 6 of the 30 day shred tonight and I feel accomplished. I have 4 more days of level 1 and then I am moving on to level 2 for 10 more days. I hope that I can keep up I know that it will be harder. This weekend was good food wise and I did work everyday, even got about 4 hours worth of shopping (walking) in. I am looking forward to thanksgiving in some ways and others I am not tho I am not going to let it bring me down. I have plans for the day eating wise so that I don't get hungry and go overboard. I know that i am going to have a little bit of everything traditional, a piece of turkey Breast, small slice of ham, Stuffing, Corn and Yams. I am not one for real mashed potatoes and I don't know why because I love the fake ones lol. I also don't care much for Pie and pastries, tho I do love cheesecake and may have a half a small slice if I have the calories for it. I know there is going to be cheeses and crackers, cookies, veggies, gardeneria, Olives, Salami with cream cheese and pickles, Pickles, pepperoncini, Deviled Eggs,chips, dips and tons of deserts but I am not going to give in. I did great last year and i will do just as good if not better this year because I will be prepared and have the day planed out. Maybe I am making to much of it, I just know that i will be surrounded by all the temptations and I do know better so there shouldn't be any problems...


  1. Time does fly, way too quickly.

    Sounds like you have a solid plan for the holidays. That's great. I haven't even thought about them.

    Thanks for the Zumba tip!:-)

  2. Sounds like you are doing really well. It's great that you have a plan for Thanksgiving too. (That is what my post for tomorrow is about.)

  3. My 10-year-old daughter respectfully disagrees. She thinks time passes oh sooooo slooooooowly.

  4. Becca, you have such a great attitude about Thanksgiving, thinking ahead and preparing for how you will handle the temptations, that is an excellent way of handling it.
    Turkey and Yams are actually pretty good for you but a lot of other things as you have mentioned aren't.
    Keep up the good work, thanks for the support on my blog.

  5. On those big holiday meals I try to fill up on the rough green veggie appetizers as much as I can before dinner, it helps.