Saturday, November 7, 2009

Back to where I started

Well I am basically back to where I started number wise before my set back on halloween weekend...181.5 lets just hope that this time the number goes down instead of up. I have been thinking alot and going over things over and over again and it looks like I may have not been eating enough calories I see that alot of times i am under 1200 and I just dont think that is enough for me to get in all my nutrition and stay away from starvation mode... Im thinking that is why for the last month and a half I just could not break away from the 180's so i am going to try and get in my alloted calories and see if it helps. I know that I should be getting more than 250-300 calories for breakfast and that is what might be hurting me I usually have a half cup of total cereal mixed with another half cup of something like fiber one or cheerios and a half banana and half cup of fat free milk and that is usually only around 220 calories if I am lucky. Then I find myself hungry 30 minutes later and I also think I need to get more protien. We dont have a whole lot of food left and I dont get my SNAP until the 10th of the month, last month my mom wouldnt let me go grocery shopping so i ended up spending my 200$ on things throughout the week that went too fast. This month I am going shopping and I already have my list of good stuff I want to have on hand for breakfasts and lunches. I also think all the lunch meet and cheese I eat for lunch is killing my sodium and that sucks... I hate having 400 calories left over to eat and my sodium being right at 2297... that means I cannot eat anything else or my sodium will be in red...


  1. Hi Becca, it's Secretia, from Secret Story Time, my blog.

    This is my first visit, I saw your blog on another woman's blog list. I want to follow you and I'll support your weight loss efforts!

    Many of my readers are interested in weight control, the same as I am. So I'll be hanging around, and you are invited to Secret Story Time of course. Good luck with the food this weekend

    Sincerely, Secretia

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  3. Oop!

    Sorry about the delete. I was trying to edit and I have no clue. I need coffee. LOL

    Anyways, like I was saying. I t could be the smallest thing that is stalling you. Maybe the calorie increase will do it.

    I look at your pics and wow! You look amazing. Great job!

    Enjoy your day!