Sunday, November 29, 2009

up 5 1/2 pounds and only myself to blame!

Ive been super bad, gained 5 1/2 pounds back and I am dissapointed in myself. Today I am getting back on track and this time I am staying there. no more excuses and no more crappy eating, all the bad food is going in the garbage and i don't care who gets mad, we dont need that shit hanging around here.


  1. I was told if you have a huge quick weight gain, to eat well, and drink lots of water. It goes nearly as fast as it comes.

    But I am sure you know that you have come so far already I strive to have your story soon!

  2. Come on Becca, I'll cheer you on. Just don't look back. It's a new nite now, anew day every time the sun rises. Starts it over.


  3. Throwing it out sounds like a good plan. If it's junk, that's where it belongs.

  4. Sounds like a good plan. YOU can do this!