Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have lost 46.5 Inches off my Body!!!

I just did the math and all together I have lost a total of 46.5 inches from my body! 14.5 off my chest, 12.5 off my waist, 11.5 off hips, 4 off biceps and 4 off thighs. Wow that is amazing to me, and this week of my 30 day shred has shown dramatic results for me, I cannot stop looking at how much my tummy has shrunk. I am posting some pictures below to compare to the old ones I took before. Tonight started out rather crappy but ended well as I made a good choice when I was going through to many emotions...


  1. Becca, your results are fantastic, your hard work is really paying off. It shows how strong you are mentally; you can definitely accomplish anything that you decide to! Whenever you need inspiration, just look at these pictures. I am happy for and proud of you.


  2. You have worked so freakin hard and are well well on your way.

    you SHOULD be proud.


  3. those are some awesome losses!!

    All hail the 30 Day Shred!!

  4. I'm not familiar with the 30 day shred, but it's paying off for you! That must feel amazing. Any success that you work hard for always feels good, doesn't it?