Sunday, November 22, 2009

Life Threw me too many Curve balls at once this past week/weekend.

So life threw me some huge curve balls this past end of the week/weekend. My uncle has been in the hospital for awhile and we just found out. He had a blood clot in his leg and it was cutting the circulation to his foot off. They went in 2 weeks or so ago and removed the blood clot, then opened him back up a day later to try and save his foot as it had developed gangrene. That did not work so he had to have his leg amputated Yesterday. He is my moms twin brother too and my aunt (their sister) came to stay with us since Thursday as she lives out of town... Lots of crappy eating, too much junk, eating out and tons of Stress. I didn't want to add to the stress everyone was already under by saying NO we cant do this and no i wont eat that... I made some very poor choices and it will show on my food logs over at NM. I haven't exercised I haven't slept right I am mentally and physically exhausted. Not to mention in and out of the hospital with all the sick people, he has a Staph infection and the lady in the room next to him has H1N1 and the hole place was quarantined... I slept for 13 hours and I have not done that in 2 years.They say for now he is OK and that they think they got the Gangrene infection and hopefully wont have to take anymore of his leg. My aunt has gone home and I am hoping that things get back to normal. I am not going to beet myself up I know I did bad, real bad but I could have done worse, and for dinner tonight I guesstimated the piece of Tirimasu we bought at Savemart and used one from a restaurant... I hope I didn't consume 1000 calories on 1 small slice of cake, oh well life goes on. Weighed myself this morning to see how much damage I did 182 so I am up 2 pounds, I cannot seem to break 180 been floating around there for about 2-3 months and it sucks. Hope that everyone had a better weekend!


  1. What a terrible thing about his leg. Hopefully he'll adjust and go on living as good as possible. You'll be back on track, as soon as your head's right, Becca. That you can be certain of. Take care.


  2. Oh man. What an awful time y'all are going through :( You and your fam are in my thoughts and prayers! Don't feel bad about your weight, just focus on your mental health and taking care of yourself.

  3. Becca, I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. You'll move past this and be stronger than ever. Sending good thoughts your way.