Monday, November 30, 2009

Title's suck

This is so random and not really weight loss related but...
I have the hardest time coming up with a title to my posts, anyone else have that problem?
I feel like if the title sucks and doesn't jump out no one will be interested lol...

An unrelated note, weighed myself this morning, 182.5 wow that's insane yesterday i weighed 185.5 that's 3 pounds. I am going to say that it was from all the sodium laden foods and stress. I did so well yesterday with eating, my log was all green, didn't work out but I am going to restart my 30 day shred and this time I making a promise to myself that I am going to stick with it! Happy Monday everyone!!


  1. Now you're rocking :)
    Don't worry i have a hard time with titles as well!

  2. I have a hard time with titles too, but the one you just did caught my eye!

  3. Happy, Happy, I am getting all happy for you!


  4. Yay! on the weight thing! And, couldn't agree more, titles suck!:-)

  5. I have the SAME problem with titles. Mine are always lame :P

    Good luck with the shred!!!

  6. That'a girl! I was praying you'd bounce back! I look at the photo of you in your side bar and it is so compelling. You are a beautiful young woman and I would love to see you enjoy it all the more by becoming fit and comfortable with your own body and image. I can "see" you in a SHORT black spagetti strap cocktail dress, walking into a restaurant or a club and everyone just turns to stare at this gorgeous young lady.

    This is your future. Seize it. Fight for it. It is worth it. YOU are worth it. Down the road, I would love to see us both making posts about our shopping sprees for goal-sized clothing. You can do this!