Monday, November 9, 2009

Its so cold...

It is so cooooolddd here in my house and it sucks I don't like being cold. I didnt get much excersise in yesterday because my legs were so sore and I didn't want to push myself too much and pay for it later. Tried to go for a bike ride and that didnt go so well got a 1/2 mile in lol. Did some walking around the grocery store and took the doggie for a walk last night in the dark in the cold ass weather. It felt good to walk a mile in 6 minutes. You can tell its cold when it only takes you 5-6 minutes to walk a mile. My eating was ok, went over my calories but it wasnt bad food and I didnt binge. I was so hungry at like 11 pm but I knew I didnt have any calories left and it was way to late to be eating anyways. Ive been thinking about starting up doing my 30 day shred again Im still nervous it will give me another month of knee pain, but Im still thinking of giving it another try. The weather has been really nice for it being November, but I know it will start to get ugly so I am trying to think of ways to get myself going, im such a procrastinator tho and still cannot figure out why...It is always that I start doing my videos for a day or two then I dont do them and feel guilty, I dont know why i am so lazy, its not like I dont have time and most of my days are way boring with nothing to do.


  1. Congrats on your success. You may find some motivation here.

  2. Becca, good for you not giving in to the late night craving. I tend to eat at night and know I shouldn't.

    I hear ya on the putting off the work-outs. I don't have a problem with the cardio, so much. But, have a heck of a time getting motivated enough for weight training.

  3. It's OK you are still doing well. There is tomorrow...

  4. I like the 30 day shred, but i admit... i have to vary some of the moves so that the ones that give me pain, don't. If you're knees are hurting when you squat or bend them... you could try changing the way you do the moves. For example don't squat as far down as she does, try to build up to going as far as you can. Sometimes, even if you CAN or are capable of doing a move... doesn't mean you should start there. :) LOL

    Good luck. Stay strong. :)