Friday, November 13, 2009


So TOM decided to pay me a visit yesterday, which would explain why I have been on a eating rampage. I decided to take my break from the 30 day shred last night instead of Sunday so i will just swap days. I am not going to let this defeat me I will press on. Usually I start to get really mopey and depressed the week or two before I start but not this time it just came on sudden and now I am kinda feeling it. Today will be a better day eating wise I will not eat anything after 7pm even if I think I feel hungry lol. I am making homemade vegetable and chicken stock today it will be my first time, but it seems relatively simple, just let the stuff boil and simmer all day then strain it, skim the fat and freeze for use in soups for later in the season. I just hope it comes out good, at least I know what i am putting in it and it will have so much better flavor without all that salt and other preservatives they use. Well that is all for today I am glad that it is Friday and I am hoping to have a good weekend and wishing everyone the same!


  1. I have been thinking of making some homemade soup soon. I was going to go it in the crock pot. It just sounds so yummy right now.

    Have a good one Bec!

  2. I've been thinking about soup a lot lately, too. Maybe it's the cool weather we've been having?

  3. When I do that I remove as much skin and fat as I can before cooking, it really cuts down on what you have to skim off.
    Have the best weekend now.