Thursday, September 3, 2009

wow, what a long week...

Oh wow its so good to be back, I have been away so long I can't remeber the last thing I blogged about. I was out of commision due to a Nasty Virus I picked up out in the interweb, stress built up and I didnt eat or sleep well. Lots of full fat blended Esspreso drinks and energy drinks to keep me up so I could take care of things. Tomorow is WI in day so we shall see what damage comes from it. I am back and I feel much better, I got a good night sleep I ate a good breakfast and i am planning a good and healthy lunch and dinner for tonight. Because of the unforseen expenses for my Puter we are broke and not going anywhere for awhile, so no farmers market and walk on the riverfront today, I am bumbed but it was necessary. $125 later and My computer has a brand new OS and a Kickass Security suite on it, I lost all my pictures and it hurt for a long time, because they cannot be replaced like software, music and movies can. I learned my lesson on that and we got a Passport to store all of our Pictures on and never have to worry about loosing them again (any new ones that is). Well I just thought that I would update hopefully i will be blogging more again Like I used to now that things seem to be back on track.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you lost all your pictures. After my aunt and uncle had a house fire and lost almost all their pictures, I started storing my pictures on I have a lot more to get stored on there... But I'm always afraid of just that... What if. Anyhow... No matter weigh in tomorrow. just know that you are an amazing person and no matter the scale... You are pretty great!! :)

  2. That just sucks about the pictures. I need to back mine up on my mem stick. Hope the WI goes okay

  3. Uggg...sorry about your computer! That's just the worst.
    I'm glad you're backing things up now...I really need to follow your lead.