Tuesday, September 29, 2009

life in a nutshell lol...

I have been so busy lately getting myself out and moving. We have been riding bikes like crazy and walking everywhere too. It feels so good and I'm just feeling so much better these days, mentally and physically and it feels amazing. Eating has been really good as well I have been learning how to better listen to my body and to actually eat something worthwhile when I am instead of munching on a few of this and hathat. I really have more hope and faith in myself then I have in the past, Im also speaking my mind to people and letting them know just how I feel instead of letting them hurt me and let me down. No more will I be that person that just lets people use and walk all over me, I am better then that and deserve better too.


  1. I like the positive attitude, Becca. Keep feeling good about yourself and keep doing the right things with the diet and exercise. You'll reap big rewards!

  2. I think it's great that you are staying so active and working to keep it that way!

  3. YEAH!! Just keep taking it day by day and even when you don't feel up to it... Do it anyways. Keep smiling and keep remembering what an amazing person you are. :)

  4. Sounds GREAT. You are getting so strong.

    Btw, I have a new site in case i forgot to tell you...