Saturday, September 5, 2009

1 week was all it took, I have been a BAD BAD girl!

So I thought about getting back on track, but Ive been bad about kicking my ass into gear and getting it done. I feel so bad about falling so hard this last week, I feel like shit and i know its from the bad things I have been eating. My logs on NM look horrible and Ive been just eating retched, I mean I guess it could be worse. I'm still somewhat watching my portion sizes and eating healthier foods for the most part. We have not walked since Sunday evening. The air has been so bad from the wildfires all over Cali, and its been Humid and hot along with it. I just want to get back on track asap, I feel bad and I feel sick from the junk, not sleeping right, forgetting to take my meds and just plain feeling like shit. I hope I can snap back into it an get right so that I can continue to feel and stay healthier.


  1. you CAN DO IT
    for me the 'feeling like shit' can be a gift in that its a slapintheface reminder of how I dont wanna feel.

    new day
    new week

    seize it!!


  2. We all have times like that. Don't beat yourself up about it.

    Here's a line drawn under it. Continue with the good work you know you CAN do. You're doing extremly well. Keep with it. You can do it!!


  3. Today is your day Becca. Take it by the horns and get on your elliptical. You CAN move while you are home and avoiding the unbreathable air outside. You can do this... start today, this minute. :-) And remember, you're a beautiful smart woman. :)