Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This feels good

This week has been good food wise and getting my but out and moving. We went for a bikeride on monday and we walked the dog in the evening like we always and should do. Went out to eat last night and I did really good, we had sizzler and I chose a Grilled lemon herb Chicken Breast, plain baked potato and the all you can eat salad bar. I made a nice size salad and added all my vegies and just a swish of shredded cheese and put on my own vinegar and oil. I ate half the chicken and half the potato and a bit of the garlic toast. I also had a bite of pineaple,honeydew and cantaloupe but it didnt taste good, but I had a slice of watermellon for my desert. We came home and took the dog for a walk and when I logged my dinner I was suprissed that I made the best choice for my dinner. Today we got up and took a bkieride to wally world to get some good water bottles so I can recycle the plastic ones I have been using. We also took a trip to target and My honey bought me some gloves to help with my hands while riding, they are pink and grey very cute. I got me a new pair of running shoes they are also pink and grey, from nike and where on sale for $49 and the nice clerk gave me $10 off too. I am happy that I am back on track and willing to put in the work to get to where I want to be, it will be hard and now that fall/winter is here/on its way I am going to struggle even more. I am so happy that it has been on the warmer side and will be for a bit longer that just gives me more time to get my but out and move. I am actually starting to enjoy bikeriding again and that makes me happy.
Thanks to Jack for the advice on my last post, for kicking my in the ass and making me realize that I am worth it and for helping me remember myself!!


  1. Awesome Becca! There is nothing like new gear to get me in the spirit of exercise! :o) You can do it girlie! Great choices by on food by the way. :o)

  2. Yay for new stuff! I love your new September pic. That is a great blouse!

    You are WAY worth the effort btw!

  3. Holy NSV, Batman!!