Monday, October 5, 2009

180 pounds and random ramblings :) Halloween... YAYY

Wow I cannot believe it is October already, I mean where the hell did this year go? It has been really cold lately and tho I have tried the cold doesn't agree with my asthma. Trying to ride a bike now is like hell, my chest starts to hurt my throat gets all tight and dry and I slobber all over myself and can't swallow. It sucks because I was just beginning to really enjoy biking. Tonight I will start on the elliptical again, I also still have my ancient stationary, and this ab thing my honey paid 15 bucks for at a yard sale to use. So I hope that even tho I cannot be outdoors that I can still muster up the motivation to work out inside. Other than the cold things are going great, Friday I weighed in at 180 pounds and that was great and much needed. I think I hovered around 184 for almost a month, glad to be away from there and going in the right direction. I cannot wait for Halloween it is my Favorite holiday and I am trying to recreate a costume I bought last year that I spent like 60 bucks on, it is WAY ginormous on me so we are going to cut it and take it in, its like a robe type so it wont be so bad and I am going to make it shorter. I will keep you posted and hopefully I will have pictures to show of my work LOL... Have a great night all.


  1. In the 170s - woo-hoo!

    Hope the cold gets better!

  2. Do you realize you've lost over 40 pounds since I met you?? Could I be any prouder of you? I think not.

  3. Hi, new follower here;)
    You inspire me and look so dang pretty! Congrats girl!!!!! you are doing so awesome!

  4. You have come a long way since you started your journey for better living. I have seen you become so much better and stronger. When we first started you could barely ride your bike around the block let alone walk it. Now look at you. You can ride 10 miles easy and walk it out without a worry.

    I love you and I am very proud of of you and it's only getting better. probably won't be too much longer till you could kick my but.

  5. I agree with you on wondering where the heck the year went! Good luck on the elliptical, as I have had much success with mine!

    I love reading your blog so I left you a little gift at mine!