Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a weekend :)

So I got a phone call today from my x boyfriend, now I'm not going into details but I have known him since I was 14. I have mixed emotions and it sucks, I mean I will always care for him as he was the first man I ever really lived with and spent much time with. He is doing well hasn't really changed much, but still it is so weird having talked to him.
Other than that things have been OK, yesterday we went to my 16 year old nephews Surprise b-day party at a Pizzeria... There was so much food, I had a big plate of antipasto salad minus the salami, with olive oil and vinegar dressing. 1 slice of veggie pizza a small serving of pasta with meat sauce and a 1/2 of a piece of chocolate cake -frosting and 1/2 of the fruit basket cake with a little whip cream. I did well considering and tho the Dr said to get rest and take it easy I haven't seen most of my family in a long time so it was nice. Aunt flow came to visit today so I am dreading that on top of my other issues. I have been thinking that I really truly need to get back on track and get my health issues under control. It will be hard with having to rest and take it easy because I don't see my regular Dr until the 9Th of March.


  1. You can do it Becca, I know you can.


  2. Take good care of yourself Becca

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