Monday, February 22, 2010

I bought a live basil plant but dont know what to do with it?

Like the title of this post says, I bought it at Bel air because I love fresh basil and have some frozen and it is hard to use. But there are no instructions on the plant other than to keep the roots moist and partial sunlight. Went to the Website and they say not to transplant it because it will die... what do I do to keep it growing? its in a little plastic pot with the roots exposed on the bottom... I am no green thumb and I have killed every plant I ever got.


  1. you need to transplant it to a larger pot - not huge, but maybe 2-4 inches bigger than the one it's in now. You wil have to add some extra potting soil for the new pot/extra space. keep the top level where it is now...don bury it deeper than the current top of the dirt. water it...but ont daily - what is your tempature like? if it's warm outside it can go out, if cold out there put it in a window for light

  2. Idk. I'm still looking on the internet. The best bet I can give you is to get on a garden website (one in which you can ask a pro gardener and they give you an answer).

    Idk if this helps, cuz I'm still looking but here's a link:

  3. Here's another link:

    Good luck. :]

  4. Mmmmmm fresh basil in pasta sauce, now that will be a good meal!