Thursday, February 18, 2010

What is my purpose in life?

Have you ever sat down and really thought and wondered what your purpose was in life? I sat up half the night honestly thinking what I am her for, I mean here I am going on 29 still living at home, Haven't had a job since 2000, Cant get one,Have no friends or social life, no one in my family besides my Aunt talks to me the rest hate me, I have no children and feel strongly that I may never have any. I am mentally Unstable to say the least as I have bi-polar disorder and I also have severe personality disorder as well.Tho I have a BF we've been together for 5 years and I feel that he has no intention of ever marrying me or us ever have a real life together with carrers, and children, as I see us still living off my parents until were old and Gray. The one true bond I had with someone has been broken as my Kahlua bug is gone now. So I ask again why am I here what is my purpose in life?...


  1. You aren't the only one. I'm in your exact situation (without the boyfriend). If I were you, I would just start spending a little bit of time each day working on accomplishing goals. 30 minutes. That's it. Then you can at least know that you work on accomplishing something that day.

    The economy sucks. Life is not easy right now for anyone who is unemployed. You just gotta keep your head help up high though and hope for the best.

  2. Someone has to be around to tell us about Kahlua! Sharing your memories helps them live on, in my opinion.

  3. You need to know that you have a family in blog world. I am here if you ever need to vent or want to build a pen pal relationship, no judgment only support and encouragement. Just email me,

  4. to be happy :)

    you gotta find happiness wherever and whenever you can .... We love you in blog world :)

  5. I don't feel that I have a purpose in life, so much as I'm just supposed to be the best me I can be. It is what it is. If I were to wrack my brain constantly searching for my purpose, I'd be miserable. Even if you have a purpose, how will you know what it is? When you think it, will a giant gong sound, telling you that you are right? No. So it stands to reason (to me) that we should not stress it, and just be the best us we can be.

  6. I don't think anyone really knows their purpose in life. Not the REAL ULTIMATE PURPOSE. I mean sure, a lot of people have jobs, or kids or whatever that they wake up to everyday but those things probably have nothing to do with the ultimate goal intended for your life to accomplish. It is my firm belief that my life is not meant to be purposeful to me. I believe no ones life is in and of itself purposeful to that person. I believe I was put here for a purpose that serves more than just myself. So if you are feeling purposeless, and since you don't have any current obligations, why don't you find something you really enjoy doing, or lots of things you really enjoy doing. If you love kids go donate your time at a children's cancer center, if you have a soft spot for those in need help out at a homless shelter or if you want to give hugs and kisses to all the doggies and kitties of the world, why don't you volunteer at an animal shelter? IDK, maybe this is all hot air I'm blowing but you have to know you HAVE a purpose and just like you don't know what it is, no one else does either. You just have to live your life to the best of your ability and time and time alone will tell. :) Try to be happy. Try to smile. I know you miss your baby. Grieve. It's okay to do that. Then, when you feel you are done, get up, dust yourself off and find what makes YOU HAPPY.

  7. I love what shannon said and can not echo it enough.
    the blog world is a huge supportive and loving family.


  8. i think everyone thinks about why they are here sometimes and then you have to figure out what you are really good at and go for it cuz thats the reason you are here if its to help people make soemthing i dunno we are all here for a reason you will find it and be great dont worry
    my friend has bad bipolar and she drives me and herself nuts sometimes she is such a good person but she just goes up and down on this rollercoaster its very hard to watch and i know its even harder to be her most days so i feel for you all i can say is rememeber you are a good perosn when you are having these bad days
    i always try to remind her too
    so if ya need a reminder im here

  9. It always gets worse before better. I was in the same boat. I too wanted to know my purpose in life . I came across a book that spoke to me in words I can't even express and I just wanted to leave it with you for you to think about.
    It's titled This Hungry Spirit and it's by C.Clinton Sidle. Have a read of it. Because it helped me and I want to help you. This is my purpose in life...helping others.
    Take lots of care...