Thursday, February 25, 2010

30 day detox programme

I have really been working to get back on track, but no matter what I cannot fight this feeling of being hungry all the time. I do really well until about 4pm then I just cannot fight the cravings and I binge out on cookies, junk and candy and them I am even more hungry afterwards.
Also I almost burnt down the house today because I forgot I had a frying pan with canola oil in it on the highest setting and I walked away and forgot about it... it caught fire 3 times and I was so scared an my poor mom was almost having a heart attack. Ive been in a fog for awhile now and I don't like it. I have been giving allot of thought to a 30 day detox programme. I am limited in what I can eat and allot of it I have never made or had before... I plan to start on March 1st and here is a list of the foods I can eat my first week:

Brown rice,quinoa,millet,buckwheat, including their flours,flakes and egg free pastas
Rice cakes and crackers, puffed rice cereal
fresh fruits and veggies, excluding ones of the potatoe family, and tomatoes peppers and aubergines.
Fresh herbs and caffeine free natural teas
fresh fish,frozen or tinned in water
rice milk without additives ( i could make my own)
lemons and limes for flavoring
a little Olive Oil


  1. Im not usually a fan of anything which includes the word DETOX but that list? there are some damn great foods on there.



  2. I am looking forward to seeing how it works Becca. Keep us posted and have a good weekend doll.

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