Saturday, August 22, 2009

Todays happenings

oh boy another weekend, i have it planned somewhat. I'm going to a friends daughters b-day party and she is very low budget so its pizza, cake and ice cream. I am going to have 1 slice of pizza and half a piece of cake no Ice cream. I think I can handle that besides 1 slice of pizza will not kill me nor should it hinder my progress. Difference now is that I know its not good for me and I can honestly stop at 1 slice. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, being safe and having a good time. I got a thing in the mail yesterday for old navy, its a free tote bag and everything I can stuff inside it I get 20% off. I love old navy and I am excited to use it to get me some fall shirts, I have tons of jeans and no tops, I had really cute ones my honey bought me last year for fall/winter and they are just so big on me I swim in them.


  1. Good plan Becca. I get a side salad too to help fill me up. Hope you have fun at the birthday party :o)

  2. Sounds like you have a great plan. Have fun shopping, too!

  3. So how'd the party go? Going with a plan... and a pretty sated tummy always helps me stay away from the food. :)

    Anjoy shopping! I love old navy too. Their sizes always seem more real to me. :)